Comics Interview, Comics Feature and… Marvel Age!?

Like I said the other week, I was wondering whether there were other collections of scans of magazines about comics, like, “out there”. And… it turns out that there are — so I’ve spent the day downloading from pirate sites, massaging/organising the scans to fit into the required layout for the search engine, and… presto.

So there’s now Comics Interview (which I know nothing about), Comics Feature, which seems to be an 80s kind of fanzine (?), and last and definitely least, Marvel Age. Yes! Marvel Age! Because why not.

So there’s now seven magazines indexed and available for searching at

Now, I previously said that the search interface on is geared towards research, and not reading, so it deliberately makes it difficult to download full magazines, and only gives you five pages at a time to read (for each search result). I still thinks that makes sense for The Comics Journal (where Fantagraphics is selling access) and Amazing Heroes (news possibly upcoming), but for the rest of these long-out-of-print magazines, that doesn’t seem to make much sense: The only way you can read these magazines is by shopping on ebay.

So I’ve now added buttons to allow you to page through an issue (starting at where your search landed you, of course) for all of the non-Fanta mags.

(This only works on the desktop version of the site — the mobile phone version is still the way it was before.)

Enjoy reading in-depth articles about Art Spiegelman:

Mister X:

And Alf:

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