The Comics Journal Search Engine

Last week, I made the Amazing Heroes search engine public, so why not make the rest of the stuff public, too?

So you can now search The Comics Journal and Comics Scene, too.

Or you can search all three magazines at the same time, if you’re in Super Research Mode.

As I noted in the announcement, the web site isn’t really geared towards being used on a cell phone — it’s just easier to read scanned pages on the desktop. But the web site looked so miserable on phones that I couldn’t let it be, so I’ve tinkered with it a bit, and I think it should now be usable, if somewhat basic. (I’ve tested on Iphone and Android.)

As opposed to the Amazing Heroes issues, I did not scan these two myself, but just downloaded, organised and ran them through OCR and an indexer. Arr!

I’ve also been wondering whether there are any other comics magazines that would be nice to incorporate, and I guess the big one from The Olden Days is the Comics Buyer’s Guide. And there are indeed some issues available on, but it’s just about 150 issues, which is less than 10%, I think? But if anybody has a complete (or huge) collection of these, let me know.

Hm… Wizard? Hm, here’s a torrent… Well, we’ll see what happens…

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  1. But sure enough… my Dalgoda sketch was in The Comics Journal, wow! Can’t believe I finally saw it.

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