Tidy Yr A Records

The main point of blogging is so that I can google stuff on my blog instead of having to remember things. Remembering things suck! So this is a normal search for me:

But… what are those results!? “Download File… Pdf Free Copy”? HAS I BEEN HAXORED!?!

No, not really. I just had a DNS A record for new-lars.ingebrigtsen.no that I used during a previous migration of this blog from one host to another, and I had forgotten to remove it. It pointed to an IP address that was now occupied by some kind of spammy web farm (the links didn’t actually lead to John Coltrane Transcriptions, but to some kind of SEO thing).

So I don’t know whether it was a complete coincidence that the IP address was reused this way, or whether SEO spam people search out “dangling” A records and occupy them for some kind of SEO thing — but I’m guessing it’s the former.

I’ve now removed the new-lars DNS entry, so hopefully Google will flush those entries in a while, and self-search becomes pleasant again for me.

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