March Music

Music I’ve bought in March.

This post is way late (I know, I know) because I went to the Big Ears music festival in Knoxville, Tennessee. (And then got sick on the way home, but that’s a different story. Viruses!!!) Big Ears was great — Knoxville is just about the perfect size for a hipster music festival. Lots of nice venues quite close to each other, so everything is easy to stroll and there’s no stress. Well, except the inevitable stress of several bands you want to see playing at once and then having to make a decision… It was oddly apolitical, though, with regards to the fucked up stuff happening in Tennessee now — I think I heard only a single act make even a reference to anything from the stage: Haela Hunt-Hendrix took a tiny break from the Liturgy set to point out that it probably wouldn’t have been legal for her to be on stage in Tennessee two days later. (To which the entire audience responded immediately with FUCK BILL LEE, which was heartening to hear…)

Anyway, March:

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