The Best Albums of 1994

Feeling a bit nostalgic, so I thought it might be vaguely diverting to look at some old albums, and look at specific years. I remember much of the 90s being kinda boring, music-wise, so let’s look at, say, 1994.

Here’s a mixtape I made at the time:

I don’t have data that says what music I actually listened to at the time — but when I started using an Emacs-based music player in 1997, I eventually (around 2002) made it note which albums I was playing, too.

So below is a “top listens” list — saying which ones of the albums released in 1994 I’ve been listening to the most since 2002.

Confused? You should be!

Arthur Russell

Another Thought

Joni Mitchell

Turbulent Indigo
Joni Mitchell - Yvette In English

Golden Palominos

The Golden Palominos - Pure

Dead Can Dance

Toward The Within
Dead Can Dance--Don't Fade Away

Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft


Aphex Twin


Bob Hund

Bob Hund
Bob Hund - Mer än så kan ingen bli

Stina Nordenstam

And She Closed Her Eyes
Stina Nordenstam - Hopefully Yours

Lisa Germano

Geek the Girl

Team Dresch

Personal Best
Team Dresch - She's Amazing


PHI*1700 [U-V]
µ-ziq - summer living


Business of Punishment

Sidsel Endresen


The Wolfgang Press

Funky Little Demons

As a year, it’s not particularly amazing, is it? Many of these albums are from the tail ends of band’s careers (Arthur Russel, Joni Mitchell, Golden Palominos, Dead Can Dance, Wolfgang Press and Consolidated), and aren’t their strongest ones. But Aphex Twin and u-Ziq are part of a new wave of music, and Bob Hund and Lisa Germano do some of their best stuff. And, of course, a new bright superstar — Stina Nordenstam, who unfortunately didn’t really have that long a career.

Perhaps I’ll do a few more of these — navel gazing is what blogs is for, eh? Eh? Now that I’ve got the code to hook everything up all written and stuff, I mean. Coding up something to search Youtube automatically for tracks from these albums that I’ve mixtaped took just, oh, five hours, which is a totally rational thing to do. So I guess I have to reuse the code. So… er… perhaps a weekly? monthly? series or something? We’ll see.

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