Eclipse 1945: 續姿三四郎

Oooh! An evil… American?

He’s so evil!

OK, now he’s getting his comeuppance! Judo power to the rescue!


Wow. I didn’t know that it was possible for a Kurosawa movie to get a rating this low on imdb!

Anyway, this was made in the last days of WWII, and is set in the late 1800s. So it’s about the martial arts guy from the first movie beating up cowardly, nefarious Americans around town, I guess?

It looks like it was made under very restrictive circumstances — I mean, Japan was losing badly, and Japanese society in general was suffering hard.

I’m just wondering where they got all these European-looking actors from. Prisoners of war? Hm… oh! Perhaps they’re all German? That’d make thing easier…

Yeah! That presenter guy in the middle is mouthing off something that sounds more German than English? Or perhaps it’s Japanese… the sound quality here is very uneven…

Man, this movie is chatty… it feels like Kurosawa is padding the run time.


Yeah! Fuck karate!

Did Kurusawa just invent Mixed Martial Arts?

Could be German, I guess…

Kurosawa made them fight barefoot in the snow.

Anyway, this movie is awful. There’s a couple of scenes that are amusing, but…

Sanshiro Sugata, Part Two. Akira Kurosawa. 1945.

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