Eclipse 1941: 簪

This blog series is winding down soon — I think I’m on schedule to watch the final movie early next week. And then I can finally watch something else!

(Yes, I know, I know.)

Again with the blind masseurs — was this filmed back-to-back with the previous movie, The Masseurs and a Woman?

I think Kant wrote a treatise about that? The Categorical Masseur?

This is amusing, but so weird. The movie seems to be poking gently fun at all the characters, and the plot is so light as to almost not exist at all.

Man, Shimizu is making do with very little — this scene with this Dramatic Bridge has been going on for ten minutes now… very dangerous!

I really like this movie — it’s witty and kind. Very relaxing. But also wistful and sad. In a good way.

Ornamental Hairpin. Hiroshi Shimizu. 1941.

This blog post is part of the Eclipse series.

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