Let’s Party Like It’s 1999

1999 open Emacs bugs, that is:

Made it past that magical 2K roadblock, so according to my education in financial analytics, there are no technical barriers until we reach 500.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Party Like It’s 1999”

  1. This is impossible task. Unless the emacs development stopped or computer systems envolving or people stop dreaming about new designs, bug reports is a steady flow that will never stop.

  2. You said it yourself its a flow. If the output is faster than the input the big tracker would reach zero. Now of course that’s a close to impossible feat but a trend down is a good thing. Its not like they mentioned anywhere that they aim to get it to zero.

    It should also be mentioned that a lot of these are bugs that have accumulated over time and they are being resolved now bringing them lower.

    In any case less bugs should be celebrated! Even if it never will be zero (nor should we aim for that) less bugs is good!

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