Eclipse 1956: あなた買います

I really disliked the first Kobayashi movie on this Criterion Eclipse box set, but at least it was earnest. This… is a movie about baseball and baseball scouts?

OK, it’s a critical movie about baseball scouts…

This is brutally tedious. The cinematography is OK — the shots generally look nice — but it’s just so uninspiring.


I guess the point of all this is to point out that sports is a business and that there’s money involved? I”M SO SHOCKED I CANNOT EVEN TYPE ANY MOR

I wish that were me in the middle there.

Intense showering!!!

Er sure:

Kobayashi wants nothing to do with that – his intentions are to strip away the masks and expose sports as just one manifestation of the human meat market that the economic status quo thrusts nearly all of us into, one way or the other.

Oh! That 30 year old guy is supposed to be a teenager? I guess that makes more sense.

So ironic.

I was almost right up there: This movie is distilled tedium.

But it’s got some nice shots so:

I Will Buy You. Masaki Kobayashi. 1956.

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