Eclipse 1957: 俺は待ってるぜ

Oo, this is by Koreyoshi Kurahara — and I already saw his Eclipse box set (and it was (intermittently) fantastic). This is a different box set (Nikkatsu Noir), and an earlier movie, but I’m excited.

This is perfect — you’ve got the mysterious woman, and the helpful restaurant owner guy — it’s the Platonic Ideal of a noir movie start.

And the cinematography is just right, and the actors seem good.

The only problem is that guy’s coat — it’s like nine sizes too large?!? Even as a zoot suit! What’s up with that! Dude.

This is a lovely, captivating movie, with several interesting plot threads. I’m all in.

Solid, solid advice.

What’s that neckline called?


He said the line!!!

I feel like this movie has been slightly padded? I mean, I like every scene, but it’s been spinning its heels somewhat between the plot revelations. It’s great and all, but it feels like it’s lost most of the mystery and tension that it had going at the beginning.

I Am Waiting. Koreyoshi Kurahara. 1957.

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