A special quick edition of my “%” Emacs development blog series: We now have some magic numbers!!!1!

Today, we dipped below 2219, which is a magical number, because:

The most open bugs we had was 4437, and (/ 4437.0 2) => 2218.5.

50% down from the top! Let the celebrations start! Carnivals in the streets! Crowds going mad!

We’ve basically shaved a decade’s worth of bugs off, and we’re down to 2012 levels. Or 2011, if you wanna disregard that bump…

Oh, and another magical number:

2222 — should have waited until May 22nd, I guess. More twos is more magical, right? Right.

This concludes this session on Numerology in Computing.

5 thoughts on “50%”

  1. Lars: thankyouthankyouthankyou. I run half my life out of Emacs, and without your efforts, that half of my life would be on fire.

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