Eclipse 1966: 愛の渇き

This is an odd movie, even for a Koreyoshi Kurahara movie.

But he’s gotten a new lens! The bits in the margins are no longer in squash-o-vision, so when he pans the camera, it’s no longer nauseating.

OK, the lens is still kinda fishy, but not as extreme as in earlier years.

So, OK, this movie is all about that woman being horny for this guy?

In that case… perhaps… this isn’t the most brilliant casting ever? Because it’s just not quite clear why that is.

But I mean, it’s kind of brilliant anyway. Lovely cinematography.

As pretty as this movie is, it’s a bit on the aimless side? I think I see what they’re going for, but they’re not getting there consistently. Some scenes are great, and some are just… there.

Thirst For Love. Koreyoshi Kuraharai. 1966.

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