V2018: Hellmington

Vortex (2018)
by Justin Hewitt-Drakulic (as Jay Drakulic), Alex Lee Williams and others

Hellmington. Justin Hewitt-Drakulic. 2018.

[two minutes pass]

Well! Perhaps I should just get all the films Vortex has produced? Wolfcop was a barrel of laughs, and this starts off really well.

[twenty minutes pass]

Or… perhaps not? This is like a compilation of all low-budget scare-jump horror movies ever? I mean, it looks pretty good, but this is… it’s pretty risible.

[thirty minutes pass]

Oh god is this dreary. The lead does a really convincing job of playing a depressed cop… The cinematography OK; lots of angles and tight shots… But this is incredibly boring. There’s nothing here of interest: It’s just a collection of clichés, and I’ve kinda lost interest, which doesn’t help.

At the start of this I was thinking “well, even if this is kinda boring, perhaps it would be fun to get all the Vortex movies anyway? As a kind of survey of Canadian independent filmmaking?” This movie didn’t have to do a lot to sustain that impulse, but this is just brutal.

Brutally boring.

I like the music, though. The music earns the movie a instead of a .

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