September Music

Music I’ve bought in September.

So what have we got here… oh yeah, I finished up buying all the Consolidated EPs I missed back then. And… Yup. It’s all old, old, old music. Except a couple new things.

But! I did get one interesting thing: The 433 thing by Saito Koji. I was intrigued by this article: He’s a drone artist that releases albums on Bandcamp… and then he deletes them again. So he’s got a huge discography, but you can’t get any of it. He even deletes his Bandcamp page regularly.

So a couple of weeks I googled him, and he had a bandcamp page again! With over 300 “albums”! They were all called 433_123, 433_124 etc, and each album was 4:33 long, so I guessed “aha! This is going to be performances of the Cage work!” And so it is; it’s 24 hours of background sounds, 4:33 each. I’ve just listened to eight hours yet; it’s pretty cool. He apparently lives in an apt. with lots of traffic noise… but in a pleasant way.

And his bandcamp is deleted again, of course.

Downloading the stuff was a challenge, though. The Bandcamp interface is geared towards downloading each album one at a time, and here there were more than 300 “albums”. With each download being one zip file with one flac file in there. The bandcamp web page totally bugged out from overloading (“too many connections; try again later”), and it took me hours to download everything.

Ha! Gotta love music these days!

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    1. I had not, but I bought it from Bandcamp and I’m listening to it now. It’s great! Back to their punk roots.

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