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Today I’ve gotten two musicalish things in the mail. The first is by Crickets:

Which is JD Samson’s new thing.

It’s in this very papery paper sleeve.


The other odd thing I’ve gotten today is “It’s A Project” by Chicks on Speed. I think this is pretty old? I got this from somebody on discogs.

Let’s unpack!

So it’s a book?

That folds out.

And a tote bag?

And a poster?


AND THE PATTERNS TO MAKE MORE DRESSES??!?!?! (Or overalls as the Chicks call them.) Jeremy Scott designed this?

Oh, and a CD.

I think this might be the greatest thing I’ve ever bought, even if the dress doesn’t fit me.

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  1. If anyone compliments you on the dress you can always say, “What, this old innovation?” — it is from 2004, after all. And very expensive everywhere, although there is a bargain copy available from AbeBooks, but don’t tell anyone.

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