The Horror

So I was unpacking a mega package from the US today (I’m using a forwarding service, because it’s just … more fun), and one of the packages inside contained this item.

“Queensryche? On tape?” I thought? “JUST HOW DRUNK HAVE I BEEN!!!1”

“Oh, OK, perhaps it’s something so avant garde that they sell it in a Queensryche cover! Yeah! Cool! Awesome!”

“Hm… still pretty much looks like a Queenryche tape…”

“THAT”S QUEENSRYCHE!!!!1! I must have been so drunk.”

So I went back to unpacking the mega package and found another little package from the same person, and in that was:

“Yes! A Xiu Xiu tape! I vaguely remember buying that! I wasn’t that drunk!”

So. Much. Drama.

Was that, like, a … bonus tape? In a separate package?


2 thoughts on “The Horror”

  1. Hey, I’ve got this whole stack of 78’s you ordered but I cannot send them to your forwarding agents until your $983.00 payment arrives. I know Covid-19 has made life very difficult, but you must control your drinking if you are to survive. Besides, you promised to respect me in the morning.

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