OTB#91: Don’t Look Now

Don’t Look Now. Nicolas Roeg. 1973. ⚄

Oh, man. I have no recollection of having seen this movie, but every scene there’s a kind of primeval recognition. Could I have seen this, like, on TV as a child or something?

It’s deja vu all the way for me.

I must have been scared shitless while watching this.

So I can’t really look at this in any sensible way: I’m totally captivated by all the scenes, but I don’t know whether it’s because they’re really good scenes or because of my possible history with this movie.


This 2K restoration looks awesome, and it’s not even Criterion.

I do feel like it loses some tension about halfway through. It’s a wonderful descent into nightmare, but when turning into one sort of movie from another, it becomes something slightly more gimmicky. OK, that’s a too-strong word, but you feel there’s a… twist… coming up… Which cheapens it.

It’s great! But…

So the leftovers cocktail is Easy

But c’mon. C”MON! I like sweet stuff, but this is ridiculous.

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