August 1946: Black Angel

What’s this then?

I wasn’t prepared for the segue into film noir was going to be this abrupt. Of the films after the war ended, virtually all the movies have been noir.

This is another one, and it’s weird. I did see the twist coming a mile away, but there’s just so much strange little details here all over the place, like when June Vincent goes to spy on slash seduce Peter Lorre…

And all those weird little cinematographic ticks.

It’s really quite something.

Black Angel. Roy William Neill. 1946.

Popular movies in August 1946 according to IMDB:

659918.0The Big Sleep
23437.9The Time of Their Lives
145667.9The Killers
18757.0Black Angel
3586.6Spook Busters
2176.4Step by Step
3066.1Holiday in Mexico

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