TSP2012: Radioman

Radioman. Mary Kerr. 2012.

Whaaa! Another documentary! I’m developing a hatred of documentaries…

But mostly American ones. This one in British, by Mary Kerr, and it’s good. But you have to wonder about whether this film will do its subject any good or whether it’ll just… make him so public that he can’t continue to live his life.

But it’s certainly the most star-studded documentary ever in the history of ever, so I guess the film-makers had fun. But he’s still getting parts, so perhaps this film did him no harm.

I found this film on Amazon Prime.

OK. this is the last Tilda Swinton Project film in this catch-up batch. See you next in… a couple of years?

This post is part of The Tilda Swinton Project.

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