Century 2018: Black Panther

Black Panther. Ryan Coogler. 2018.

This started off really well and I was like “wow! this is like a real movie or something!” but then soon got bogged down in really bad acting (like the challengers in the coronation scene (and where they should have had thousands of people watching the fight, not dozens CGId up that wall)).

Still, it’s not without its charms. It’s funny at times, and the 007 references are amusing. The action scenes are fun. But it should have had a bigger budget or something: Some of the effects look a bit pokey. And all the crowd scenes look so puny! There should be hundreds of extras pasted all over the place!

And it’s an hour too long, but then again, all super-hero movies are.

I am disappoint. I was all ready for this to be a great movie, but it’s a snoozefest.

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One thought on “Century 2018: Black Panther”

  1. I thought it was great in a theater but also felt a bit of visual letdown watching it again on home video. On a large screen the big coronation scene really shone.

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