F&B1995: Safe

First I thought this was going to be a sci-fi movie.  And then I thought it was going to be a Todd Solondz film.

I guess I’ll have to see all of Todd Haynes’ films.

Safe. Todd Haynes. 1995.

2 thoughts on “F&B1995: Safe”

  1. I loved Safe! Very odd movie. For Haynes, I think Poison is his most interesting film, particularly if you’ve read any Jean Genet. I wonder if the film has aged well though, in 1991 it seemed very avant garde as a queer movie. Now, maybe not. Velvet Goldmine is also a fun film, Haynes going mainstream.

    1. I now remember watching Velvet Goldmine a few years back. It was fun. And Far From Heaven I’ve also seen, and loved. So I just have to get Poison, I’m Not There and the Mildred Pierce tv series… He’s not that productive. Tsk, tsk. But there’s a couple of upcoming films, according to imdb.

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