CM&C:XCIII Theodora Goes Wild

Theodora Goes Wild. Richard Boleslawski. 1936. ★★★☆☆☆

This movie follows the standard “(happy-go-lucky) man persistently wooing a (repressed) woman” plot, but the “wooing” sometimes tips over into stalking. With a different sound track, some of the scenes could have been from a horror movie instead of a comedy. “He’s inside the yard… and he won’t stop whistling!” And the animal abuse humour hasn’t aged well. A dog getting its paw caught in a mouse trap, and Our Heroine just laughs. A door slamming the tail of a cat (and the cat looked like it was really in pain). So much not fun.

There are funny scenes here and there, though. It’s not bad.

Bloomsbury: 😃

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