Useful Consumer Review

The interwebs have been all abuzz with a funky new Ikea lamp (IKEA PS 2014, designed by D Wahl).  But I bought one anyway.

I love Lego, so putting this lamp together was fun.  It’s over 50 parts.


It made of plastic, so it feels very cheap.

DSC00663It expands/contracts in a very plastic-ey way.  Doesn’t feel very Space Age Material-ey.

DSC00662 But it does look quite nice, I think.  Although gimmickey.  And it’s Ikea, so everybody in Norway has it by now, too.

DSC00664When it’s closed, the plastic bits clicks against each other in the wind.

So, basically, it’s cheap, and it feels cheap.  But I like the way it looks.


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