Meh. Amazon.

I was reading yet another story about how Amazon working conditions totally suck, so I thought it was about time to ditch Amazon.  And I’m someone who orders stuff from Amazon like every other day.

But the question remains, as ever: Why do all non-Amazon web shops suck?  Badly?

For books I’ve now used for a week.  Amusingly enough, the name of the site doesn’t resolve.  You have to put www in front.  And the search engine is so slow that it’s not even funny.  (I just can’t understand how you make a book search engine slow.  The number of books in the world fits into the RAM of the cheapest phone you can buy, these days.)  But I’ve managed to order a few books from them nevertheless. used to be a bigger company that sold DVDs, but these days it’s a portal.  Which is nice.  I can imagine the DVDs being packed by nice grannies in Wales.  And it has a nice search engine.  The sign-on thing is kinda odd.  When registering, you have to give a “description” for your credit card and your address.  I tried using “Wat?” as a description, but it wouldn’t accept that until I deleted the question mark.

Now I just need to find a DVD and book supplier in the US, and I should be set.

Free range DVDs and books!

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