Fluttering Back To The 20s

I’ve been running Youtube clips sourced from whatever is playing on the stereo as the background to my hallway weather monitor  for quite some time now, and I kinda like it.  Except when having guests over being slightly er puzzled about what’s running on the screen when the band Sex Worker is playing, for instance.  It can be kinda random playing stuff at random.  And sometimes a bit embarrassing.

So when I got the new Walt and Skeezix book the other month, another solution occurred to me.

(Walt and Skeezix is a collection of the Gasoline Alley dayilies published by Drawn & Quarterly.  The books are just beautiful, and the series itself is really funny and engrossing.  You know, some of these collections of comic strips from the 20s and 30s are more “interesting” in a historic context than actually entertaining, but I’m just loving these strips by Frank King.)

Anyway!  There’s a DVD included in the latest book compiled from home movies Frank King filmed in the 20s and 30s.  So I ripped the DVD and pointed mplayer at that in an infinite loop.

It’s been running for a few days, and I like it.  I catch a few seconds of Oldee Timeyness whenever I go out or come in.


(The line at the bottom is how much it’s gonna rain the next 24 hours.  So much rain!)

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