Slightly More Useful Fluttering

Some weeks back I wondered whether I could use Youtube as a screen saver.  It turned out that I could.

That wasn’t, strictly speaking, very useful, but now I had a small USB monitor sitting in the hall, so I might as well make it display something practical in addition to the music videos.

Hence: flit.

Currently it checks what temperature it’s outside my bedroom window and displays that at the top right there.  (Yes!  It’s that warm here in Oslo now!)

And then it downloads the weather forecast from, picks out the precipitation data for the next 24 hours, and plots that as a line at the bottom.

Somewhat cryptic, but that’s part of the fun.

Technologies used: LaTeX to render the temperature data, gnuplot to render the precipitation line, and qiv to display the image with a transparent background on top of the mplayer window.  As one does.

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