Conspicuous Youtube Consumption

Stina Nordenstam rockin’ in the USB

I’ve been sleeping in even odder patterns than usual lately (I suspect that I’m coming down with microencephaly, SAD and “the hypo”), so I found myself staring at the stereo computer thinking that there should be movement.

I normally hate computer screens that have pulsing lights and stuff, but I wondered how much work it would be to automatically download music videos from Youtube for whatever was playing, and then just show the video.  The sound wouldn’t be synced up, of course, but it’d be a kinda… like…  spastic screen saver.

A screen saver that doesn’t save the screen or the CPU or the network or on electricity, and would probably get me banned from Youtube.

So I started typing, and here it is.

I had a spare USB-powered little screen, so I put the stuff on a small screen instead of using a big one.  I mean, that would be too fluttery.

It’s been in production for all of fifteen minutes now, so I have no idea whether I’m going to pull the plug on the “project” (and the USB monitor) or not.  I’m guessing I probably will.

2 thoughts on “Conspicuous Youtube Consumption”

  1. It turns out that most videos on Youtube are still images with music overlaid. Showing these are kinda useless.

    Does anybody happen to know whether it's possibly to filter out these videos?

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