eww… improvements

I’ve spent a bit of time making shr faster, and making eww render forms prettier. The latter entailed implementing all the widgets myself instead of trying to shoe-horn widget.el into eww.

shr is still slow, but it’s 4x faster now rendering typical Wikipedia pages than it was a few days ago.

I find comparing the rendering with emacs-w3m helpful, because emacs-w3m renders stuff quite nicely.  eww at the top, emacs-w3m at the bottom.  We see that eww is more colourful than emacs-w3m, but that emacs-w3m has align=center working on non-tabular elements, too.  Which shr probably won’t be supporting.

Above are emacs-w3m to the left/top, and eww to the right/bottom.  It’s getting there.

Above we have emacs-w3m to the left/top, and eww to the right/bottom.  That’s a rendering of the all-important ocelot page on Wikipedia.  emacs-w3m inlines images into tables, while eww doesn’t because of reasons.  But Eli has ideas that I must explore.

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  1. Hello Lars,

    Eww is really cool! I love it.
    I just check out emacs source code and build up to try for some days. Sometimes I found an eww hang problem. And it blocked the response of the whole emacs. How to stop eww when it hangs? Did you meet this also?


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