Papp László Budapest Sportarénában

Who knew that Dead Can Dance had so many fans in Hungary that they had to play a sports arena?

I thought the sound was gonna be pretty iffy, but it was the last place in Europe that had tickets available.

The sound wasn’t iffy — it was horrible.

As Concert Goer Guy would say: Worst.  Echo.  Ever.

It was still ridiculously beautiful.  It’s Dead Can fucking Dance, innit?

2 thoughts on “Papp László Budapest Sportarénában”

  1. I hate to say this, but maybe that echo was in the mix? I love Dead Can Dance but they've always used so much delay and other processing. They're sort of the Thomas Kinkaide of music.

  2. The echo came from behind, so unless they had a really annoying set of speakers at the back that they piped the delay into, it seems kinda unlikely. 🙂

    It was POKpok POKpok POKpok every time somebody hit a drum.

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