Computers Can Remember Things

One feature that I’ve been missing from mplayer for years and years is the ability to remember how far you’ve watched a movie.  Like, if I’ve been watching a movie, but then I stop the movie because I want to watch a TV show, then mplayer doesn’t helpfully remember where you left off.

So I’ve added a totally trivial fix to mplayer that just records all the shows you’ve watched (and how far into the file you’ve watched them) to the ~/.mplayer.positions file.

I’ve put the result (along with the previous hacks) on github.  And, of course, I’ve amended movie.el to use this data to start off the movie at the correct spot.

This will save me several seconds per week, I bet.

The changes are probably not that useful as is, but if somebody wants to take this idea an add it to mplayer proper, then … that would be nice.  Perhaps.

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