As I’m sure you all remember, in the last terrifying chapter of this story, I found that the white fluff had spread to another room.

During the Xmas holidays, I visited my mother.  She’s brilliant with all kinds of plants and stuff, so I showed her the pictures of the aloe armageddon.  She said: “Are you sure that’s a fungus?  It might be some kind of insect.”  I said “Sure I’m sure!  Nothing moved!  I didn’t see anything insectey.  Just the fluff!  Mooooomm!!!”

Guess what.

ImageIt’s spread to another aloe.

And guess what.

IMG_5062See those little green things?  I think those are some kind of insect.

Are there any apartments for sale nearby that I can move to?  Hm?  Hm?



IMG_4742I rather like reading books, but I have this absurd sense of accomplishment whenever I finish something. Anything. “Wow, I managed to finish eating that hamburger! USA! USA!” Finishing something you like doing isn’t really something to brag about, but that’s the way I feel.

So a couple of years ago I started putting books I’ve read recently in a smaller book case where I can stare at them while I’m on the couch, reading other books.  It’s a kind of ludicrous feedback loop.

At the end of the year, I empty the book case and put the books away in less accessible areas, but I thought it’d be fun to measure the books first:

Taller than me!
Oops. Fall down go boom
Another year starts

Anyway.  This year I’m going to watch more movies.  I used to be a movie fanatic, but I kinda just stopped.  Inspired by this, I’m going to start a Movie Watching Project later this year.  After I get back from the holidays.  Perhaps…  watch all Criterion Collection movies or something?  Something.

Funniest Comic Book of 2013

The funniest comic book of 2013 must be Lisa Hanawalt’s My Dirty Dumb Eyes.


It covers all of life, like movies:



  IMG_0235 IMG_0236

Movie reviews.  She points of that the sign language in the latest Planet Of The Apes looks oddly obscene:


Actually, this is a test post to see how WordPress works.  I’ve moved from Blogger, because I don’t really want to be part of the Grand Google Empire.  Google were trying to get me to use their single sign on for years, and I avoided doing so.  It became more and more intrusive, and I guess I must have clicked on the wrong link at some point, because there I was, suddenly.  So I left.

So, WordPress…  Well, the HTML editor is really crappy.  Kinda surprising for a firm that has as the main business idea to, well, make it easy to blog.  It’s a nightmare of too-small frames, awkward image editing tools, and impossible to make anything insert where you want it to without dropping into “raw” HTML editing.

I am disappoint.