Even More Comics Magazines Courtesy of Mrs. Kwakk Wakk

I was poking around on the torrentses when I happened upon something called simply “Fanzine Torrent” (with no further information), and it had a single seeder, but I set it to download anyway.

One week later:

It’s a 120GB ball of various fanzines — but virtually all of them are sci-fi/horror/movie fanzines, which isn’t very interesting for my kwakk.info search engine (which is just for magazines about comics).

But there was one thing in there that seems kinda interesting — something called Cartoonist PROfile, so I went ahead and ran that through OCR etc, and it’s now here. I’ve only had a cursory look at it, but it has stuff like:

So there you are. (I’ve also added the Squa Tront and Cascade Comix Monthly fanzines.)

I’m not sure whether I mentioned this before, but I also reorganised the site a bit, so that there’s a separate section for more “pure” fanzines:

Mostly because there were getting to be too many magazines to list conveniently on the front page, but also to have a place to put stuff that only has a handful of issues.

Again, if anybody has a collection of scans of comics magazines/fanzines, drop me a note (or leave a comment here), and I can incorporate the mags into the search engine. The only things I can’t carry are mags that are currently otherwise for sale (like all the TwoMorrows magazines) — I don’t want to step on anybody’s commercial toes.

(But then again, if TwoMorrows wants their mags to be incorporated, that would be nice, too. I could do the same as I do for The Comics Journal — only five pages are available for reading per search result, and then the site links to where you can buy the issue. kwakk.info is meant for research, not for reading, after all…)

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    1. If I understand correctly, that’s a comics magazine, not a magazine about comics. 🙂 The kwakk.info search engine is for magazines about comics (i.e., news, interviews, reviews etc), although I see I miswrote in the title of this post…

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