January Music

Music I’ve bought in January.

So what did I get this month… Oh!

Laura Jean - A Funny Thing Happened (Official Music Video)

I checked out Laura Jean’s discogs page, and it turned out she’d released a new album last year! You’d think there’d be some way this information would, like, filter its way to me, like, by magic, but the tech apparently isn’t there yet. You’d think I’d be profiled sufficiently now that somebody would push an ad that way to me but nope. SURVEILLANCE STATE! YOU”VE FAILED ME!

I’ve only listened to it three times since I got it the other day, but I think it’s quite swell? I have to listen to it more, but I think it might be a classic.

Shearwater Plays Lodger - Look Back In Anger - David Bowie - The AV Club 2016

The other thing is that I started listening to the Shearwater Bowie concert covers again, and I was reminded that these sounded quite swell, so I got the thing that started it all, and it’s… totally amazeballs. I mean, it’s not Bowie, but what is? It’s so exuberant and wonderful that it’s almost better.

Uhm… what more… Oh yeah! I went through the The Wire Best Of 2022, and bought some stuff.

Oren Ambarchi "II" (Official Music Video)

The new Oren Ambarchi is fantastic.

And the Carl Stone is so weird — half of it is perfect and half is maddening.

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