The Best Albums of 2002

Let’s pick another year at random… 2002. Here’s a mixtape I made at the time:

And here’s list of the best albums of that year, as decided by how much I’ve listened to them:

DJ Rupture

Gold Teeth Thief
DJ /rupture - Gold Teeth Thief

The Notwist

Neon Golden
The Notwist - Consequence

Pet Shop Boys

Disco 3
Sexy Northerner (Superchumbo Remix)

DJ Rupture

Minesweeper Suite
DJ /rupture - 20 - Bloody Nora / Rough & Rugged

Arto Lindsay

Arto Lindsay - Ultra Privileged

Juana Molina

Tres Cosas
Juana Molina - Ay, No Se Ofendan (Live on KEXP)


Disco Not Disco 2
Lex ''Fourteen Days''


Moloko - Forever more (extended)


Outside World
Propaganda - Dr Mabuse


Secondhand Sounds: Herbert Remixes
Merciful (Herbert's We Mix)

Max Tundra

Mastered By Guy At The Exchange
Max Tundra - Lysine

Jan Jelinek

Computer Soup


Concert In St. Petersburg

Nobukazu Takemura



Step Off

Sidsel Endresen & Bugge Wesseltoft

Out Here. In There.
Sidsel Endresen and Bugge Wesseltoft Try

The Breeders

Title TK
The Breeders - Huffer (Official Video)

And… 2002 was a great year! It’s all bangers. We get both of the bootleg remix epics from DJ\Rupture, and we get folktronica classics from The Notwist, as well as glitchy pop from Nobukazu Takemura, Jan Jelinek and Max Tundra.

It’s all good stuff.

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