Eclipse 1933: 出来ごころ

This is the final movie on the silent family comedy Ozu box set. And since it’s silent, I’m playing disco bangers while watching it.

“You know why your hand has five fingers? If it only had four, your glove would have one extra.”

There’s jokes here.

Anyway, this is a very amiable movie… it’s not quite clear what the movie is going to be about (but I bet there’s gonna be hi-jinx with that girl he picked up), and it has a very natural flow: One scene follows the next without too much overt plot.

Is that a recommended chopstick technique?

This is really good. I know, you’re all going “duh, it’s Ozu”, but it really is. It follows some melodrama conventions (like The Sick Child), but it’s otherwise amorphously strange, even if straightforward.

It’s really enjoyable to watch.

(Some of the scenes are very splotchy indeed.)

The Japanese have superior fever chilling techniques. I must get one of those hanging bag thingies.

… Oh! There’s a sountrack here! If I push `#’ I get somebody playing the pianner.

Oh well.

Passing Fancy. Yasujirô Ozu. 1933.

This blog post is part of the Eclipse series.

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