Eclipse 1968: 吸血髑髏船

After the sheer brilliant insanity of Goke, Body Snatcher From Hell, my expectations for this movie are unreasonably high.

But the first scene here is brilliant, so perhaps this is going to be another masterpiece.

OK, this isn’t Goke. I mean, it’s pretty good, but it’s… a pretty normal ghost story? It’s well made and it nice and tense…

Love the eye liner and mascara.

OK, they’re not really even trying with the special effects.

OK, I’ve just kinda lost interest now. This started off like some explosive 60s thing, and then it turned into a kinda scary ghost story, but not… it’s kinda plodding now? It’s just hard to stay interested.

This is the director’s second (and final) movie. I guess that makes sense — it’s brimming with ideas that could have really worked, and occasionally does. But like at random.

(And then he went to TV.)

Love the eye liner and mascara.

OK, this film isn’t “good” good, but there’s a number of fascinating scenes. So:

The Living Skeleton. Hiroki Matsuno. 1968.

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