MCMXXXIX VI: Made for Each Other

Made For Each Other. John Cromwell. 1939.

Oh, I’ve seen this one before! And not too long ago, either. I wonder where…

Emacs knows everything. I watched this in… October? Last year?

Hey! I even blogged about it. This is a serious break-down in my movie methodology.

Oh well! Now it’s in 2K.

I’m liking it a lot more this time around.

OK, now I see what I was talking about in the previous blog. It’s really odd in that … there’s not much of anything going on. It seems like it’s aiming for screball comedy, but the timing is all off.

It’s like they could have just changed these scenes a smidgen, and it’d be hilarious. But instead the scenes just … sit there: They’ve got all the ingredients right, but it just doesn’t work.

So weird.

I can only imagine what Preston Sturges would have done with this material. It’s got scenes that should be hilarious, but instead are just kinda tepid. It’s got scenes that should be seething with righteous anger, but instead are just vaguely annoyed with the extreme injustice of what’s happening.

It’s a movie of squandered opportunities, but the performances are really good. Carole Lombard, or course, but also the smaller roles, like Louise Beavers.

Just when you think it’s gotten as bad as it’s going to get, it get worse.


I wonder whether there was something here at some point, but then was somehow ruined during the making.

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