Everything Dies

Gah! I had the almost perfect machine for schlepping around the apt while cleaning, and then it goes and does this:

Rebooting seems to help… sometimes. One out of five reboots it seems to come up alright again, but if I flip the orientation it goes back to that state again.

It’s an HP Spectre x360, according to dmidecode… Anybody know what’s up with this? Loose wires? Firmware updates? GPU settings?

I imagine there is a setting in the nvidia configuration utility: “[ ] Don’t shake the screen like you just don’t care” and I just have to tick that.

Right? Right?


Perhaps I should start looking for a new laptop…

2 thoughts on “Everything Dies”

  1. Uh-oh. But you’re still in Norway right? 5 years of reklamasjonsrett for laptops and phones!

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