As usual, I was more delayed than warranted with the No Gnus t-shirts. But today! It’s packing time.

Carrying the shirts up to the fourth floor was kinda invigorating.  I.e., woe is me.

Using magical Japanese folding techniques…

Quality entertainment.  (Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2, which I bought because Joss Whedon said they were great on the Cabin in the Woods commentary track.  They weren’t.)

But alcohol helps!

My view for a few hours…

Stacks are a-toppling.

Our model is here sporting the new style while looking very pensive.  Possibly spotting something on the ceiling?

The complicated back shot. Must have been strenuous, what with the mouth breathing?

Anyway, they should be off tomorrow!  If I can get up in time.


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