Plastic Bags Considered Arty

The Floor

What is that lovely expressionistic piece of art on the right, you say?

Let me tell you a story.

I went shopping for groceries at ICA today.  I left the bags on the floor in the kitchen.

The kitchen floor has heating cables.  The cables switched themselves on.

The red text on the plastic bags melted.

The Bag

No, the the floor does not get toasty warm.  It just gets pleasantly warm.  But obviously ICA is using plastic that melts at very low temperatures.

I should sow them for a million megabucks!

Or I could just get the floor repainted, which I was kinda planning on doing, anyway…

(The picture on the top right was taken after scrubbing at the redness with White Spirit for ten minutes.  It didn’t help much.)

So much drama!

Inscrutability. We haz it.


I’ve got a form to fill out about fire readiness in the apartment.  Which is OK.  But the questions are kinda inscrutable.

I’m supposed to tick either “OK” or “Divergence” (or something.  It’s a kinda odd word choice in Norwegian, too).

So it starts out fine.  “Is there at least one functioning smoke detector (etc)?”  Ok.

“Is the smoke detector more than 10 years ok?”  It isn’t, so that’s…   Ok?  Is that a divergence?  Should it be? No?

“Is the smoke detector on a serial connector or does a fire alarm system exist?”  Er…  er…  Ok?  No?  Not ok?  No?  OK?

“Is there a house fire hose in the living unit?”  No, there isn’t, but I’ve got a fire extinguisher.  Is that “OK” or “Divergence”? 

“Is there a visible access to the chimney’s accessible sides in your living unit?”  …  “OK”?  I mean, I can see the fireplace, but I can’t see the chimney.  I think.  Is that OK?  Is that a divergence?


Shoes On Couches

Extreme Couching

It’s always fascinated me that on American TV shows, people seem to put their feet up on furniture, even though they are wearing shoes.

After spending some time in the US, I realised that TV was only reporting fact.

It’s so shocking, I’m sure.

I’ve got a cold now, so I’m watching episodes of Murder She Wrote.  It’s the closest thing you can to do being asleep without actually sleeping.

And there I found the most extreme example of Couchshoeing ever.  It’s two guys on a bed WEARING SKI BOOTS!

We have a winner.