Some Bergman Subtitles

I was wondering how much work it is to do subtitles for some of the Bergman rarities I uploaded yesterday: Somebody has written a subtitling mode for Emacs, so I wondered whether that was going to be my new hobby.

But then it occurred to me that there’s a gazillion of busy bees out there: Perhaps somebody had already done so?

Indeed! On Subscene I found subtitles for half a dozen of the things, so I’ve now uploaded them as well to Youtube. Here’s A Dream Play, for instance.

Hit the “CC” button to get the English translation.

I’m still tempted to have a go at one of the shorter items myself, just to see how it works…

Some Bergman Things

Some years back, I watched a whole bunch of things Ingmar Bergman had done. Most of his movies “proper” are available through conventional means, but a surprising number of things weren’t. (We’re talking plays like The Ghost Sonata (on one end of the video quality scale) to The School for Wives (on the other end), not his … movie movies.)

Fortunately, there was a guy selling bootleg DVDs of these things, and I bought them all.

It’s been brought to my attention that those DVDs are no longer available, so I thought it my civic duty to upload this stuff (along with some other bits and bobs I got from torrenting) to Youtube.

Here’s the channel. Download the videos before they disappear, I guess? I mean, there’ll be a bunch of copyright strikes, I’m assuming.

And, yes, most of these do not have subtitles, and the vast majority are in Swedish, so this’ll only be useful to the 8M Swedes and the 10K Norwegians and Danes that admit to being able to understand Swedish.

(And some Finns.)

Hm… doesn’t Youtube have some kind of crowd-sourced subtitling thing? *roots around* Yes, indeed. I’ve now switched that on, so if you want to provide English subtitles, be my guest.

NFLX2019 November 15th: Klaus

Klaus. Sergio Pablos. 2019. ☆☆☆☆☆★

This is super sweet. It’s told in a brash, irreverent tone, but it’s a very sentimental Christmas movie about Santa Claus and stuff. If you’re easily moved, it’s full of really touching scenes throughout: It’s amazing that they keep delivering these highly emotional punches time and time again.

And the animation is really fun to watch.

So: Sweet, funny, pretty, touching. It’s a new Xmas classic.

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NFLX2019 November 8th: Earthquake Bird

Earthquake Bird. Wash Westmoreland. 2019. ☆☆☆★★★

Man, this is a mess. I was totally on board thinking this was a really interesting movie, where ever shot had a deeper meaning. We were all “oh, this means she can see dead people! No, she’s a vampire! No, she’s dead!” but calm down: There’s no Shyamalaning going on here:

The resolution to this movie is the most boring possible thing and will make you go “really? really!? Because that’s not a twist!”


But I loved the colours here. The actors are great and it’s all very very pretty. Was this sponsored by the Japanese tourist board or something?

So in conclusion: It’s a very stupid movie that pretends that it’s smart, and that’s not ultimately fun to watch.

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NFLX2019 November 8th: Let It Snow

Let It Snow. Luke Snellin. 2019. ☆☆☆☆★★

My prejudices immediately told me that this was going to be a horrible teen comedy thing. But it’s not! It’s a fun teen comedy thing.

The actors are charming (it’s an ensemble thing) and the interlocking plots (FSVO plot) are all kinda interesting (and intersects in interesting ways) and there’s a handful of lines that made me laugh out loud. And there’s nothing annoying here: Not even the soundtrack.

It’s just like a total delight. I mean, it’s not the best movie ever or anything, but it’s just fun.

Oh, I should get the furniture in from the balconies…

Anyway, I’m just 30 minutes in, and I do so hope that there’s not going to be a third act with All The Drama. But I’m not holding my breath.

[time passes]

OK, I took the furniture in while er watching the movie.

Wow! The weeds that totally took over the planter are still green! That stuff is indomitable.

[more time passes]

Yeah, like clockwork, The Dreaded Third Act rolls in, bringing all the drama that we didn’t miss from the first two parts. Why do filmmakers do this?

I subtract two stars for the final thirty minutes.

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NFLX2019 November 1st: Holiday in the Wild

Holiday in the Wild. Ernie Barbarash. 2019. ☆☆★★★★

This is initially just confusing, because they’re sending off somebody to college…

… but which one is he? Is the one in the middle or the one on the right? Who’s playing the teenager here?

(It’s the one in the middle, and he’s cast for this way-appropriate-age role because he’s Rob Lowe’s son.)

Oh yeah, Rob Lowe is in this, in addition to Kristin Davis (from Sex and the City), because this is one of those Netflix movies that’s a “let’s have two famous actors in a comedy and see whether that just like works” thing.

And he plays a guy in Africa who’s a game warden, a pilot and a painter. Yes, you guessed it: Romance ensues.

The movie is almost crass in the way it piles it on.

The shots from southern Africa are really pretty. They could be from a really posh ad campaign for safaris.

It’s just so limp. Davis and Lowe are fine, but there’s no repartee; there’s no zing. I get that it’s supposed to be sweet holiday fluff, but it’s less than fluff. There’s just nothing there.

And like clockwork… when there’s one third left, the “third act” starts, and with that a bunch of contrived drama.

I predict that this will not become a sentimental holiday evergreen.

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NFLX2019 November 1st: The Man Without Gravity

Hey! I’ve read that book. The Cloven Viscount?

The Man Without Gravity. Marco Bonfanti. 2019. ☆☆☆★★★

Fourth movie of the night!

Wow. An Italian movie? I think this is the first Italian Netlix Original? There’s a buttload of Indian ones, and a handful of Spanish, but other than that it’s mostly American.

But no, this is exactly like an Italian movie.


If you don’t like this movie, you are a monster. The Man without Gravity is very touching and poetic.

*rowr* (Monster sounds.)

This is a cute movie, but it drags. The performances are pretty weak and the storyline isn’t really there. There’s humour, but it’s just not that funny. And it’s really difficult to buy the central character’s conundrum: OK, he has an overprotective mother, but he veers between seeming stupid and clever in a way that’s just… convenient for the plot. I just lost interest.

I realise that this is probably meant as a parable and stuff, but it’s just unbelievable. Not the flying part, but that anybody would give a fuck. “Oh yeah, he’s like the Blue Man Group. Whatever.”

But I did enjoy the last third of this movie, when it’s just simple romantic thing.

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