One! Hundred! Movies!

I used to be a major movie nerd. Watched a couple a day. Went to the Cinemateque regularly. And then I stopped.

It was probably a combination of things. First of all, starting a movie meant turning the music that’s playing off, and I hate doing that. And I feel that you have to pay a certain amount of attention to movies that you don’t have to with TV series.

I can do the dishes while watching True Blood, but it would be odd to do that while watching Alphaville.

One further disincentive was that I was starting to feel a bit fed up with movies in general. “Here’s a new set of people that I have to concern myself with and care about for the next 90 minutes. Whyyyy!” I kinda think that’s a somewhat normal reaction, and explains some of the popularity of movie serials and TV series. You don’t have to care about a new set of characters.

So: Fuck movies.

On the other hand, TV sucks, and there’s quite a number of really excellent movies out there. So I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things, but not quite succeeding.

So now I’m going to make a concerted effort to see a bunch of movies. 100 of them. Before summer.

And to up the stakes (not difficult, considering the project), I’m going to learn how to mix cocktails, too. I’ve never been into making cocktails, so I’m going to learn how do to at least one per movie.

I may have over-purchased ingredients.


I’ve just seen what may be the best movie ever.  Boom, with a screenplay by Tennessee Williams, with Elizabeth Taylor and Whatisface playing the leads.

I mean, just look at it.

Look at it!

Filmin’ Finish’d

Peeps decided to film (bits of) a movie in my apt.  So I went away to various parts of the world and wrote the Gwene web interface.

I came back on Friday and had to like (eww!) work and stuff, but now I’ve gotten the apartment wired back up again so that I can listen to music and stuff.

The movie peeps moved most of my furniture out of the apt., and their stuff in.  They did an admirable job of putting All My Precious Stuff back where it was, but the computer stuff…  It’s complicated.  So I did that myself.

Unfortunately the main piece of equipment in my stereo setup, the RME Hammerfall DSP Multiface II (that’s a mouthful), just didn’t want to work.  So if you’re googling this, the symtoms were that the digital “firewire” interface worked perfectly.  The driver loaded, all the meters worked as normal, bopping up and down, but no sound came out of the analogue ports.  And nothing came in from the analogue input ports, either.  It was like the entire analogue bit was dead while the rest worked.

I went to my friendly neighborhood audio shop, ProLyd, and asked for advice, but they hadn’t heard of those symptoms before, so I bought a new one. And it worked!  I have music!

So that’s apparently a thing.  The Multiface II can semi-die.  I’ll ship the old one off for the fiords.

So unfortunately I have no harrowing stories about a trashed apt. or anything.  The film peeps were very nice, and everything proceeded as much according to plan as anybody could expect.  No new mysterious holes in the floor or the walls.  No mysterious footprints on the ceiling.  Or anything.   

Very disappointing.

They did some final tiny shoots today, and now they’re off forever.

However, I just discovered this in the room next to the bathroom:

Doesn’t everybody dream of having a bathroom like this?

So chi chi.  So recherche.

Ok, I should send them a message…


So, a couple months back I got a call from somebody who presented himself as a “location manager” for a Norwegian movie producer.

I know, but they exist.

He said they were looking for an apt. with a view, so they’d been scouting and thought that my apt. looked like a possible candidate.

I said “er, uhm”, like I do, so they came over and had a look.

A few looks more and then I’ve suddenly signed a contract.

They seem like nice people and probably won’t destroy my apt.  Probably.

So they’re using my apt. for 11 days (plus) in September to film this movie.  The bits about the blind woman, at least.

I was hoping that I’d find the time to do the Gmane SSD switcharoo and more Gnus stuff this autumn after work stuff calmed down.  But I’m probably going to go off on a holiday while they’re filming, so everything is postponed once more.

I have high hopes for October, though! 

Bitch whine bitch whine.

So much drama!

John Waters

I’m watching the entire John Waters oeuvre. Well, the bits that are available on DVD.

I’ve reached his last movie, “A Dirty Shame”, from 2004.

The picture is from the point in the DVD “making-of” documentary where Waters says the following:

“It stars Johnny Knoxville, it’s about sex addicts. It’s not explicit and it’s a comedy,  Maybe an NC-17 rating will not hurt this.  But I don’t know, we’ll see.”

2004 is eight years ago.  Boo.