The Carpenters

Fancy Machine!

A few months ago I bought some new shelves to get my shoes organisized.  The shoes were all jumbled up in my closet.

Today, after the mandatory procrastinating period I found myself actually awake on a Saturday morning.  So today is the day!

Then I spent an hour looking for the saws that I last saw a few years ago.  Nope. Didn’t find them.

Wimpy Saw!

But I found that fancy machine instead.  And then I couldn’t find the blades to the machine.

But I found a wimpy saw instead, so I used that.  I wouldn’t recommend it.  It’s difficult to get straight cuts with a wimpy saw.

Anyway.  I made do.  Look at the fantastic results!

Fancy Angle Shoes!

I just cut the narrow shelves in the middle there, mind you.  And, as you can see, I mis-measured.  I forgot to take subtract the 2cm per shelf. Which turned out tp be a good thing!  Otherwise the shoes wouldn’t have fit.


It’s like the 4th of July

I’ve been celebrating the Norwegian constitutional day (I think it’s celebrating that we were rid of the tyrannical rule of the Danes, or the Swedes, or somebody equally tyrannical and heinous) by putting up more book shelves.

I’m not digital at all in the book dept.  It’s still all papery stuff.  It takes a lot of space!  Nature abhors walls without book shelves, so, after doing an intensive search for something that would fit this rather small wall, I settled on these Ikea shelves.

The wall is rather thin particle board, and I didn’t actually do the whole anchor thing, so they’re probably going to fall down after a while, but here’s the fun fact: I paid more for the screws than the shelves themselves!

That’s so sexist.