London Review of Chocolate

I was in London the other week.

When in London, I always try to visit a snobby chocolate store.  The Brits make the best chocolate, for some reason or other.

My favourites are Artisan du Chocolat and Demarquette.  They make the most tasty box of chocolates ever.

But featured here in this photo feature we have the featured metallic pralines.  Just look at them!

Unfortunately, they weren’t very good.

But look at them!

Tentacle Mystery

I ordered…  something… as the appetizer at the restaurant tonight.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t expect this tentacle plate to appear, though.  Did I order it?  Was the waiter just having fun?

Anyway, what it is?  It kinda looks like octopus, but not quite.  The tentacles don’t quite look octopussey enough.  And the texture wasn’t squid-ish.  At first I thought it was mozarella.  Then I thought chicken.  Then I thought…  I don’t know.  Anemone?

It was delicious, though.  But mysterious.  Does anybody know what the tentacle platter might have been?

Funny Looking Chocolate Not Actually Amusing

Look!  Exciting!

As a rule of thumb, chocolate that looks all fancified often isn’t very good.  (There are a number of exceptions to this rule.)

But this one looked too intriguing for me to pass up.  As you can see, it’s blueberries and lingonberries suspended in white chocolate.  I was wondering how they did that.

And the second picture shows how: They’ve freeze-dried the berries, giving them the approximate texture of crumbly styrofoam.  And the approximate taste of styrofoam, too.  All that remains is a hint of bitterness.

The white chocolate itself isn’t particularly good, either.

Coloured Styrofoam or Freeze-Dried Berries?

I’m now slightly nauseous, and am throwing away the rest of this awful product from Emil Gustavs Chocolates.

Hardcore Food

I was looking through my cookery books for meatball recipes, and this was one of them.

It just seems too hardcore for me.  It starts with “half a kilo of meat from ox, calf, sheep, horse, moose, whale”.  And then you add blubber or lard or whatever “spekk” is.  And half a liter of milk.