The Liquorice Diaries

It has been suggested that the new Hockeypucker candy is simply a way to eat Hockeypulver without looking like a moran.

I, on the other hand, maintain that Hockeypucker is nothing more than a new name for Lakrisal, and tastes nothing like Hockeypulver.

So for today’s experiment, I ground up both these and compared them to the powder.  It’s a zero-blind experiment, since I’m all post-positivist and stuff.


Grind Grind

Getting there…


Grind grind grind

Pucker, Lakrisal and Pulver

Lakrisal is a lot harder than Pucker.  I had to grind and grind and grind, and it still didn’t get very smooth.

The Pulver, on the other hand, is super-duper smooth.  Soo smooth.

Yum yum

All the three taste quite different, though.  Pulver has a pure salmiak flavour, with a bit of liquorice.  Lakrisal tastes a lot more liquoricish.  And Pucker tastes a lot less salmiak and liquorice than either of the other two.


 Pulver is the winner.  The other two are just pitiful in comparison.

So, in summary:  There’s no way to get satisfaction without looking like a moran.

Liquorice Controversy

It has generally been considered that Malaco Dark Shots is the best candy ever.  So when Malaco started replacing those delicious treats with Malaco Viva Lakris, a nation felt betrayed and peckish.

But are they really so different?

The ingredients look to be pretty much the same…

And they look similar…

Even when you cut them up.

Dark Shots on the left:

So I think the controversy has been blown out of proportion.

That’s my feeling.

More Beer Blogging

I still haven’t finished with all the email, so I have to keep beering it up.

Eww!  One for the sink.
Golden-coloured beer with a big fresh fruity citrus nose and taste. Refreshing hoppy finish. Perfect for a Spring day.

Hm.  Why is the focus now to the left of the viewfinder?

Nice golden peachy color. Pours a small white head with large bubbles. Sweet hops and hints of apples nosewise. A hoppy flavour too.

I ran out of beer glasses.

Nose is very fresh hops, lots of C character and minor notes of amarillo. Taste is reasonably clean, caramel malts and citrus. Pretty big body on this one.

Wine glasses seem to hold liquid, too.

Nose is sour apricot, minerals and champagne vinegar. Medium light, a touch oily, with dull carb. Taste is white wine, horse blanket and lime.

Hm…   /tmp on just ran full…

Pale straw in color, this beer has a classic nose of cat’s pee accompanied by some iris notes. Light bodied, with good acidity for food, it delivers floral flavors.

I think I’ve done all the emails now.

I noticed that the bokeh of the beer seemed unusually nice when I was making some head shots of a guy.

 All done except the TV.

The rigid body shell and relatively stiff suspension mean that the beer behaves well.

 Bed time.

My New Beer Blog

I’ve decided that there aren’t enough beer blogs in the world, so I’m turning this one into one.

But as a special variation, I’m going to be beer blogging while I’m handling Gmane deletion requests.  Which I haven’t done for a couple of months.

This one is quite good.  Yum.

“i am a user who is seeing some kind of disk I/O error when attempting to use an SQLite3 database. “

This is kinda the same, only it tastes different.

” Could one of you please respond? I’m getting sleepless because of this problem as am getting a feeling that all my emails go unnoticed.”

This one is more dark and stuff.  Hm.  Dunno.

“Infocon notice: The following messages are also being flagged under threat level 2 in my affidavit and I have a request for you to remove them.”

Kinda eww.  It has a weird smoky aftertaste and an astringent taste.

“Hello, please don’t display my name ” in the threats. If there is not possible, i will logout of the mailing list.”

Eurmn…  nice.  Hoppy. 

“Failing to do so may bring about legal action against Gmane.”

Eau de Sewage.  Terrible.

“In light of Google’s newest algorithm change, I need to request that you remove every link to from your website.”

Fruity!  Sparkly!  Nice!

“We have received a report of phishing site hosted on  Domain “”/IP which is  under your control.”

Hoppy!  Hoppy!  Skippy!

“I would like all my posts sent from this email id to be permanently deleted as they are confidential in nature. Please do the needful and confirm.”