Couture: Burns Agains

I wanted to do a print that would end at the neck, so when I saw this Charles Burns image, I just went with it.

So hair.

And it just worked.  I used a pretty soft squeegee.

DSC01865But I got a pretty heavy paint deposit around the collar:

DSC01866Looks quite punk, though, so I don’t mind.  But I wonder what I’d have to do to not get the paint bunching up there…  Hm…  Lighter squeegee action?

DSC01873Even worse, I over-cured the paint (with my hot air gun).  Ruined the neck.  Gahh!

DSC01868Ok, try again…


Hey, nice.  That’s dark blue, white, gold and red paints.

DSC01869I thought the likelihood of me totally ruining this shirt was pretty good, so I printed two copies.  The second one in silver, white, yellow and blue.  But both turned out pretty swell.  Whodathunk.  I must finally be getting some kind of control over my squeegee technique…

Couture: Fury Duplicate

This one went well until I got to the black layer:

DSC01783I forgot to clean the squeegee after the gold layer, so the black one got a bit muddled.  Which isn’t a good thing if you’re doing this kind of print. If it isn’t crisp it looks like a mistake.  Which it is.

I usually wash the screen between each printing, which takes a lot of time.  I wanted to see what happened if I used the same, unwashed screen several times…

DSC01860Well, that’s not what I expected!  It’s weird how the paint-on-paint stuff almost goes inverse.

The other effect was perhaps more to be expected.  When I moved the screen, without cleaning it, it picked up quite a lot of ink which it then deposited — looking rather like dirt.

But I like the idea.  I have to print more of this Mark Newgarden image taken from “Love’s Savage Fury” and see what happens.  I should get some light, but not white, shirts to print on…

Couture: Daltokyo

The very first print I made (before I had anything proper to print on) was the Daltokyo logo. So I wanted to print it properly.

DSC01856Oops!  That didn’t really go too well…

Let’s try again with gold ink for max bling.

DSC01857Eek!  The screen has been improperly washed, and that’s the problem.  Oh, well.

(Daltokyo is by Gary Panter, of course.)

Couture: Fury

I thought it might be fun to try to do overlapping prints, so I chose an image from Mark Newgarden’s “Love’s Savage Fury”.

I knew I was using the wrong tool to apply the photo-sensitive emulsion to the screen:

DSC01775It got all thick and bubbly and … wrong.

I wanted to do some smaller prints on the front of the shirt and then one large print on the back:

DSC01776That went quite well…  Hm…  I wonder what’ll happen if I print it in gold (I got new paints yesterday) on grey…

DSC01777Oops.  It went all inverse.  Colours are difficult.

OK, let’s try doing the overlapping colour prints.

DSC01780 DSC01781 DSC01782

Oh! My! Emacs!

The Nancy imagery is just too powerful.  I try to just find one perfect print for each of the comics I choose, but I have to do more variations, I think.  The difficulty here is that I have to print these in “dark” colours on “light” t-shirts to avoid having them read as inverted.

Hm…  Perhaps I could get some very light grey t-shirts?  I don’t really like white t-shirts.

Couture: Jack Again

I did a Jerry Moriarty t-shirt last week, but then I went through the transparencies I printed last summer and found another one.  So I had to do another print.

DSC01778For this shirt, I did without any pins or anything to line up the different bits of the print.  (The bar vs the rest of the image, basically.)  And using a really bright light to illuminate the screen, I got things lined up better than ever in this white and gold on blue print.  Whee!

Since most of my metallic prints go all wrong (due to insufficient curing or over-curing) I wanted to do another variation…  Er…  red and silver on blue?

DSC01779Yeah, OK.  That’ll have to do.

(This is a panel from the Jack Survives one shot by Raw Magazine by Jerry Moriarty, who is a guy that should have done a whole lot more comics.)

Couture: Caro

DSC01757I wanted to try to screen print a pre-rastered image, so I chose this rather striking face from a strip by Caro in one of the early Raw issues.  The images from that comic have remained vivid in my mind since I was a teenager. Especially from the last panel.  (Not featured here.)  If you’ve read it, you’d remember it as well.

Here’s a business idea: Reprint those eight tabloid sized Raw Magazine issues in one humongous book.  It’ll be the book of the year.  I re-read all of them the other month, and they’re all pretty fantastic.

(And they’re selling for like $150 per issue on Ebay, so somebody wants them…)

DSC01760Err…  Those two colours go well together (I just mixed them on the screen), but that green ear looks unfortunate…

Ok, this time for real:

DSC01763Yeah!  Silver on blue!  That’s the ticket!

Whatever happened to Caro, anyway?  The only stuff I’ve read by him? were in those early Raw Magazine issues.  Is this him? It says stuff like “It is also the first time we can see it as an actor.” in Google Translate.

Anyway!  I’m declaring the “printing dithered images project” a success.