My New Concert Blog vs Useful Consumer Review

So I wanted to test the camera again.  I mean, filming.  I decreased the HD-ness to perhaps save some battery life.

There’s apparently no way to shut the screen off while filming.  That’s annoying, because a bright screen sitting on a table at the front is kinda annoying.

The camera shut itself off every 20 minutes or so.  Saying that it’s “out of battery”.  The last time it was apparently true.

So I don’t know what the Canon engineers were on, but they obviously haven’t tried using this camera in “movie” mode.  For more than a couple of minutes.

(Oh, the concert was with Marc Ribot (Ree-bow), Henry Grimes and Chad Taylor.)

Useful Consomer Review vs My New Concert Blog

I got a Canon S120 the other day, because I thought it’d be nice to have a camera small enough to actually schlep around again.

So I went to the Deciders concert:

After sixteen minutes the “I’m dying!!!” battery symbol started flashing in red, so I switched the camera off.  I switched it on during the interval, and then the battery meter said that it was 100% fully loaded.  So I started filming again:

After 22 more minutes, it switched itself off.

So, as a camera for casual filming, my rating for this camera is seven thumbs down.

Canon S120.  Boo!

Livin’ in the 1980s

I got a new tape deck!

Now that newspapers have started reporting on how all the hipsters have moved from vinyl to tape (because vinyl got too popular), hipsters have probably stopped buying tape decks.  (Too mainstream now.) So I was finally able to pick up a good one today, after looking for a month.  (My previous one started making squeekey noises.)

And look at all those knobs and blinking lights!  Oh, my.


I have literally no idea why I might have ordered this book, but I’m unpacking stuff.  And just look at this cover:

That’s just totally fabulous.  And the book feels fantastic.  I want to read it right now!  But I’m not going to.  Probably next week.

Useful Consumer Review

I’m going to the Kongsberg Jazz Festival this weekend, but the schedule on Saturday is the weakest it’s been in years.  So we thought we’d do a micro-hackathon.  And then I needed a laptop with functioning built-in 3G. 

And I needed a new one for work purposes, anyway.  I’d never use it for anything but work.  It’s a work laptop.  Not a Gnus hacking laptop.  Nuh-uh.  So there.

So I got this Lenovo Carbon X1, because it has a trackpoint mouse thing.  I hate trackpads.  I installed Fedora 19 on it, and everything basically worked, except the 3G.  Naturally.

But after duckduckgoing (that verb should be shortened) a bit, I found the cause and the solution.

Apparently, the 3G cell phone thing doesn’t support something called “nbim”:

[larsi@building ~]$ lsusb
Bus 003 Device 002: ID 0bdb:1926 Ericsson Business Mobile Networks BV 

This is fixed by this tiny conf file:

[larsi@building ~]$ cat /etc/modprobe.d/avoid-mbim.conf
options cdc_ncm prefer_mbim=N

Reboot, and then it just worked.

So now I’m installing bzr Emacs and git Gnus, and then I’m ready to go.  Hopefully some Gnus bugs will be closed on Saturday.  If the amount of beer at the hackathong is just right.