Useful Consumer Review

I got some of these Duralex Provence glasses last year because they’re the prettiest glasses ever:

_1310594But I was putting some of them away just now, and I er dropped one of them onto another a stack of them:

_1310593_1310592The glass broke and totally disintegrated!  Into a gazillion teensy bits!

I’ve never seen a glass break like that.  Half of the … glass dust ended up in the bottom glass, but the rest is all over the floor and the work areas.

I’ll have to vacuum the entire kitchen when I wake up tomorrow.

But they’re still very pretty.  And are supposed to last forever if they don’t explode.

I Bought Something

After watching Prisoner Queen the other month, I started thinking about maybe perhaps watching Prisoner: Cell Block H again.

In like, 20 years or so. When I’m feeling poorly. And I’ve gotten old timers’ disease.

So I started idly looking for it… Didn’t seem to be any active torrents going for the whole series… And then I googled for DVD sets…


Epic unboxing sequence:

Yes! It’s a suitcase! Metal-ish! (I think it’s mostly plastic with metal detailing.) With 174 DVDs inside! Of an Australian soap opera from the 80s!

It’s the stupidest thing I’ve bought in my entire life.

But on the other hand: In 1995 I thought that, surely, all films ever would be available for streaming from the interwebs by 2016. This hasn’t happened. So perhaps it would be completely impossible to get hold of this series in 2037, when I plan on watching this series again?

You never know! I’m safe! Hah!

My New Furniture Blog

It’s some sort of christian holiday here this long weekend (Presumption?  Assumption?), and it’s kinda almost spring-like, so I’ve been getting the balcony into shape.  Which inevitably means that I ended up at the garden center.  This time to buy a new chair-ey/table-ish thing.  I just had to buy this one:

stool1 stool2 stool3

It’s so nautical.  Which is perfect for Norway this spring.  Rain, rain, rain.